“X” Marks the Spot

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Speaking of trains, here is an intriguing close-up recording captured at TLR Camera Cub’s rendezvous spot on the day that we explored several adjacent, spectacular warehouses…the ‘X” of the rail tracks adjacent to the GE Factory Buildings featured in the previous posts. Okay, so there is no flute-playing here, but sometimes I know when to step aside for some spectacular results…besides, I was frozen at this point after two hours of urban exploration, and I still had two buildings to check out and record in!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a spot where two rail lines cross perpendicularly like this, so I guess there’s a first for everything. I got the impression that ‘firsts’ are standard fare for this group, as TLR dares to go where few artists have gone before. And judging by the feedback that I got from my flute playing, these vigilante photographers had never been serenaded before as they positioned their tripods about massive interior spaces. In otherwise almost religious silence, they moved as solitary figures, arranging the colours and suffused light of the grey afternoon in their ground-lens viewfinders, composing for posterity images of epic decay .