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  . . .  FOR  FL UT ISTS   OF  ALL   LEVE LS   &   AB ILIT Y ! !   !


As co-editor of this unprecedented flute series, I can attest to its wonderul breadth of content! From the Frederick Harris, the Canadian publisher of the Overtones™ Flute Series:


             “Unparalleled in scope, Overtones™ offers all the music flutists want in one complete series! This progressive collection includes fundamental repertoire and supporting materials such as Studies, Compact Discs, Orchestral Excerpts, and Technique. The richness of music carefully selected for this compilation will resonate with teachers and students at every level of study.”


For more information and to purchase any of the books from the Overtones™ Series, please click here or on one of the banner ads for Sheet Music Plus…this series is perfect for the returning student who hasn’t touch their flute for a while!


 . .  . SH EET   MUSIC   P LUS   


Support Urban Flute Project by purchasing print music on-line from Sheet Music Plus!


In partnership with Sheet Music Plus, a percentage of any music purchased through my links on my site will support my ongoing Urban Flute Project adventures, collaborations and Community Outreach. You never know what items you might find as you browse their massive inventory…click through here to have a look, and of course there’s no obligation to purchase!


Overtones was structured on the Royal Conservatory’s widely acclaimed Celebration Series for piano, and like Overtones, there are now newly-released compilations for Trumpet, Clarinet & Saxophone!


These incredible graded compilations offer engaging, diverse repertoire including Jazz, Folk and Canadian Content along with accompanying CDs. To give you an idea of the work and initiative that went into any of these series, Overtones™ took over 3 years to complete, and involved a team of more than 75 compilers, composers, musicians, editors, together with some of the finest flute players in Canada and the States to lay down the tracks for the CD!


If you like the music of Paul Horn and his transcendental improvisations from when he recorded in the Taj Mahal for his original Inside recording, some of his wonderful music – which has been long out of print – is included in Overtones Repertoire Level 4…here is the link for Agra, his evocative solo flute piece,that he recorded in the Taj Mahal back in the early 1970’s.


Learn more about the Overtones™ Series here.



. . . PA Y PAL   


Hey, no problem if you aren’t in the mood to buy some sheet music from Sheet Music Plus, PayPal donations gratefully accepted!!

I will update readers here as to funds that accrue and projects that monies are being directed to…support me in my upcoming trip to Cuba, where I will be following up with a wonderful initiative called CUBAbility that I participated in February, 2013. A small group of us sent a shipping crate down to a community outside of Havanna, and so next week a few of us will be following up on that instrument-drive, taking additional musical supplies and instruments.


Your donations towards this and other outreach initiatives is greatly appreciated…thank you!


 . .  . THAN K -Y OU ! !  


A big word of THANKS to so many of you, to my friends, family and colleagues who have encouraged me in my Urban Flute Project…thanks so much for your ongoing support and the inspiration you have provided!


Re-launching my website has been in the works for some time now, and is the culmination of 2-3 years of review, perseverance and some unexpected tecnical glitches along the way, all the while as I was becoming increasingly caught up in a wide range of creartive collaborations!


I could not have done any of this alone…special thanks to Perry Gladstone, Jessica Jenkins and Richelle Forsey for getting the ball rolling, and kudos to Chris and Orlando and the whole team at A Nerd’s World for their tech support and Robert Howard from Orbit Creative for his patience and good humour as the Welcome to Urban Flute Project Video went through about a dozen “final” edits!!


And this is just to name but a few of the wonderful individuals who have brought my creative work to fruition…Urban Flute Project continues to be very much a team effort!


….thank you for your generous support!