Rubber Flute

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Oh, What a Beautiful City

Breaking away from the other photographers, two of us ended up in this decommissioned Rubber Factory in Toronto’s east end. Especially after the capacious, almost impersonal GE Factory, this space was quiet, welcoming and light-filled. Sam, in the middle-distance, offers some perspective as to the actual size of this interior. Funny, from the parking lot where TLR had first gathered, this building looked unassuming, even low-slung against the rest of the residential skyline. Step through the unlocked door, however (okay, fine, after climbing through the hole in the chain-link fence beside the tracks!) and you enter another world.

The sound was rich and vivid, even crystalline, perfect for this gem of a piece. Oh, What a Beautiful City, a spiritual from a collection of Marian Anderson songs (Schirmer, 1948) that was given to me years ago by a student, is somehow the perfect piece for this nostalgic space.