. .  . i n   C UBA !

You are cordially invited to help support a wonderful Cuban initiative and my upcoming trip to Cuba, where I will be taking part in CUBAbility that I was introduced to in May, 2013. In partnership with Toronto’s College Street United Church community. I participated in collaborative concert last spring to spearhead sending a shipping crate crammed with musical instruments down to a community in Matanza, 90 km east of Havana.

Recently I received an invitation to head to Cuba for the first time to work with some of the students and collaborate on a couple of performances! So next week a few of us will be following up on that instrument-drive, taking additional musical supplies and instruments…any support you might offer is greatly appreciated!



Periodically I will update readers here as to how funds accrue and are directed to projects and outreach initiatives…and hey, no problem if you aren’t in the mood to buy some sheet music from Sheet Music Plus, PayPal donations gratefully accepted!! Your donations towards this and other outreach initiatives are greatly appreciated…thank you!


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A big word of THANKS to so many of you, to my friends, family and colleagues who have encouraged me in my Urban Flute Project…thanks so much for your ongoing support and the inspiration you have provided…Urban Flute Project continues to be very much a team effort!


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Proudly ad-free since its inception back in 2007, I have finally created opportunity for readers to contribute and share in my ongoing adventures.

  • Whether you have been tracking my stealth activities for a while, or are new to Urban Flute Project there are several ways to support…

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  • Or if you are a musician, contribute your ideas and suggestions…share your photos and sound files so that I can promote you on Urban Flute Project.

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….thank you for your generous support!


 . .. A   NOT E   ABOUT  P AY PA L     

If you are considering a donation, however are at all hesitant, PayPal is very much a secure site! Personally, I have made maybe 3 purchases through e-Bay with PayPal over 8 years, and have been quite cautious to use on-line transactions in general!

However more recently I have come to learn that PayPal is certainly to be fully trusted, especially with a wide range of innovative upgrades that they have made in the last couple of years, for ease of registering, navigating their site, etc…so, by all means, please donate with confidence!!

~ Jamie